NEKO Futures


NEKO Trust has recruited 18 individuals aged 21-30 from a diverse range of backgrounds and with experience working in the music industry to take part in our programme - NEKO 18 - from September to November 2021. 

Throughout the three-month long pilot programme, participants will benefit from knowledge sharing with peers and experienced industry professionals, shadowing and commissioning opportunities with resident and associated NEKO artists, focused creative retreats, and mentorship from programme ambassadors.

NEKO 18 is a programme for creative people with an idea and a collaborative nature who will benefit from building a peer network of like-minded creative professionals. In addition, NEKO 18 participants will have the opportunity to achieve accreditation via CLOCK Your Skills (the CLOCK Programme).

Applications for the programme have now closed. Keep an eye on our socials for future opportunities.

The Experience

NEKO 18 offers:


  • Uncover the roadmap to the music industry and develop an understanding of how it all connects. 
  • Develop the skills necessary to operate as a business.
  • Think critically about current issues and have open discussions which unlock how best to move forward in the creative industries. 
  • Master Shares: Guest speakers sharing their invaluable knowledge and experience from their journey through the music industry, whether that be in live touring, music management, labels, promotion, artists…the list goes on.  
  • Learn from your peers and grow together with a little help from experienced industry professionals.


  • Get involved in interactive masterclasses, hands-on workshops, and 1:1 creative surgeries to help take your career forward.


  • Snap up unparalleled shadowing opportunities with resident and associated artists at NEKO. Mastering, mixing, hologram production, vocal editing, and guitar workshops are just a snippet of what we have on site. 


  • Set up camp in NEKO’s Wandsworth hub during the programme. Join 50+ creative individuals, expand your network and get the space to bring your creative ideas to life.


  • Collaborate with your peers on the NEKO 18 programme and work towards forming a cooperative to share ideas, apply for funding for future projects, and ensure the support line extends beyond the programme end date.

The output

The NEKO 18 Programme will:

  • Identify your skill set and development needs via a CLOCK Skills Audit before entry to the programme.
  • Give you a roadmap to the music industry and help you think critically to identify potential opportunities within.  
  • Expose you to experienced music industry professionals to share in their knowledge gained over a long career.
  • Provide mentoring and creative 1:1 surgeries to help unlock your barriers in moving forward.
  • Encourage you to develop a strong peer network and establish a cooperative business model so that once the programme is over, you’re still connected.
  • Support you in developing your own creative ideas and projects.
  • Provide you with office space to work independently or with other creatives.

Thanks to the Culture Recovery Fund and our many supporters, we can offer NEKO 18 free of charge.